Vocal, guitars and mandolin: Hygieiner
Solo guitars and harpsolo: Ole Vedby
Additional harpsolo: Mikkel Willumsen
Recorder: Anne-Gerda Ernst
All other instruments: Mikkel Olrik
Choir: Sofia Hagström, Mia Walther, Katrine Bidstrup and Christel Götz 

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Hardware used: Evolution MK-149 midi keyboard, Zitech pentium 166 PC, SoundBlaster AWE64 Gold, Sennheiser mikrophone, Olrik K6-2 300 PC, Sound Blaster AWE32, Akai GX-F31 taperecorder, NAD 3020A amplifier, Delphi loadspeakers, HP8100+ CD-writer 

Music software used: Cubase Audio 1.6, Cool Edit 96, Cool Edit Pro 1.1, WaveLab 1.6, WinDAC 1.4, HammerHead Rhythm Station Mk. 1.0, Avawe 4.8 & Musicator 2

Other software used: Paint Shop Pro 5.01, Adobe PageMaker 6.5, Microsoft Word 7, Netscape Composer 4


Sample thanks to Björk Gudmunsdottir & Sinead O’Conner 

Recorded August-November 1998 @ Olrik Studio, Kerteminde, Denmark. 
All songs written by Hygieiner
Produced, recorded, mixed, mastered, edited & arranged by Mikkel Olrik
Vocal arrangement by Christel Götz

Cover design: Hygieiner, Mikkel Olrik & Christel Götz 

Fotos: Hygieiner, Signe Dreier, Mikkel Olrik & Anne-Gerda Ernst 

Absolute Hygieiner forsiden